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Do you want to massively increase your portrait sales?  


Offer your clients a Painted Portrait!

When you feature high-end luxury brand Painted Portraits in your product line, you will dramatically increase the value of your complete line of portraiture.

We offer Photographers of all skill levels, the opportunity to enhance their photography with our Painted Portrait artistry.

The result of our artistry combined with your photography is a product that stands alone as a unique painted art piece. It's an exclusive luxury brand product that will set you apart in the industry as a Portrait Artist and will introduce your studio to new clientele. 

We hear what you are saying.


I don’t have the time or the software or the skills needed to create Painted Portraits.


I don’t know how to Market and Sell Painted Portraits.

Don't worry, We'll show you how!

When you become our client, we will teach you exactly what to do and say to effectively sell Painted Portraits. With our expert instruction, you will not stumble, stutter, or hesitate when presenting your Painted Portraits to new clients. You’ll learn the sales and marketing strategies that are currently being used successfully by the country’s leading Portrait Artists.

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Upload a sample of your portraiture and our Artist will provide you with a professional evaluation. 

Here is What You'll Receive.

Expert Retouching

All image files submitted for digital painter artistry are very carefully evaluated prior to applying brushstroke enhancements. If necessary, we will even out skin tones and soften facial lines, brighten eyes, and whiten teeth. Our retouching can be customized to your exact specifications. A little or a lot, it's completely up to you. See the example below. 

Painted Portrait Artistry

Our digital artists apply intricately painted details by hand, brushstroke by brushstroke, using Corel Painter, tablet, and stylus. This artistic enhancement transforms your photography into a timeless art piece and will differentiate you from all your competitors. 

Sales and Marketing

As a valued client of Serrano Art Studio, you will have access to the latest sales, marketing, and pricing strategies for painted portraits to implement in your studio. 

These are the same techniques that are currently being used by the nation's most successful studios to sell high-end luxury products.

Our Process is Simple.


Retouching - Before & After


Photo Realistic Painting

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Heavy Painted Option

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