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The Formal Portrait

It is important for the success of your formal portrait that specific styles and colors of clothing be worn.

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We operate a specialty studio. As such, our lighting is calculated to render your portrait as an exquisite art piece. It's very important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be worn while avoiding other styles and colors.


We request that you please dress formally. For many families, this portrait will become the most elegant portrait they'll possess in a lifetime. Most formal portraits will not show anything below the knees. We ask that you wear dark clothing as this tends to accentuate your faces and eyes; not the clothing. Having completed thousands of portraits, our experience suggests that the following works best:

Men - Dark Suit or Sport Coats, white shirt, conservative or solid color tie, and dark pants. A tux with a bow tie is also an excellent choice.

Women - Dark Dress (black, navy, burgundy, dark green) dress or gown. Small or no pattern is preferred. Jewelry such as diamonds and pearls are encouraged. It is also recommended that the dress length falls below the knee.

Boys - Same as men, or a solid dark sweater. If aged 5 or younger, a white shirt with a bow tie is appropriate.


Girls - Dark solid dresses are preferred. If they are 5 or younger, ivory or off white are also acceptable. Long sleeves are recommended for adults, but girls can usually wear short or no sleeves.

Note: If you absolutely prefer a casual look, the following guidelines need to be followed for a successful portrait:

You should still wear something dark and solid; NO busy patterns or lettering. Choose a classic style that will look acceptable 15 to 20 years from now. Many families make the mistake of wearing trendy clothing only to regret it when fashions change. 

Your face and eyes should be dominant and draw attention in the portrait, not your clothing.

The Equestrian Portrait

Our Equestrian Portraits tend to be very stylized and somewhat glamorous. They are far from ordinary.

Whether formal or casual, we suggest dark solid colors. Avoid busy patterns, stripes, and plaids. 

Remember to keep your attire "classic" rather than trendy.

A classic painted portrait will become more precious as the years pass. 

Studio Policies

  • All reservations require a $250 deposit to secure your date and time in the studio. This deposit is fully refundable unless your appointment is canceled within 7 days of the scheduled date. One reschedule is allowed with a minimum 48-hour notice.


  • Your private Viewing & Ordering Appointment will be held immediately after the Portrait Session and all those who wish to view and place an order must be present.


  • Our art pieces are finished art and everything that leaves our studio must meet our display standards. We will archive a digital copy of your painted portrait. Digital files are NOT for sale.

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