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The Artwork

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We provide our clients with only the finest in finish and beauty for their artwork. 

The Serrano Portrait is offered in two extraordinary finishes.

The Masterpiece Finish


The Masterpiece Finish is our most exquisite offering. It's a great way to own a stunning art piece of your family. 

The Masterpiece Portrait combines old-world techniques with modern tools, our Artists create exceptional art pieces reminiscent of the great master painters. Each Masterpiece Portrait is carefully crafted using only the finest materials. Your image is artistically transferred to the artist's canvas and embellished and accented with oil or acrylic paints.  Several coats of protective gel are applied to accentuate the artist's brushstrokes. Our process adds depth in the shadows and more detail in the highlights. We never limit the amount of time the artist can spend on these pieces as we make them the best we can achieve. Because of the amount of labor involved, we can only finish a very finite amount of Masterpiece Portraits. As a result, they are limited to sizes 24” or larger. 

The Classic Finish


The Classic Finish is our standard finish which combines the realism of a photograph with rich artistic enhancements of an original painting. Our artist will carefully embellish all the right areas to make sure you look your absolute best.  The Classic Portrait is a canvas portrait stretched over a wood frame or mounted on masonite for added durability. It is sealed with a gel coating and protective lacquer. The Classic Portrait is available in every size starting at 14"

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